澳门官方十大网投平台’s community is rich and vibrant, offering you the space to develop meaningful relationships with others committed to similar values; engage in countless opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and personal enrichment; and foster and express your faith through worship, friendships, and service.

在跨文化交流中,事实胜于雄辩. 图中,澳门官方十大网投平台学生与马达加斯加社区青年互动.

Building Community Together


A Vital Christian Community

澳门官方十大网投平台相信,越来越接近上帝,发现和追求你的天职的旅程不是在真空中完成的:它是在其他人在场的情况下完成的, mentors, friends, and peers — where your gifts, passions, and hopes are revealed, affirmed, and fostered. 这意味着澳门官方十大网投平台的教育取决于你与社区成员关系的深度和意图. 这种积极参与我们的社区让我们成为我们完全被召唤的人.

从你进入澳门官方十大网投平台的一开始,就鼓励你建立这些关系. 他们是在新生和转校生的荒野定向会上形成的, 在那里,学生们开始为期一周的校外荒野远足,以帮助建立新的关系, consider the role God has for them in their community, 并在澳门官方十大网投平台开始他们的旅程时获得新的和更广阔的生活视角.

For our graduate and adult degree completion students, community comes in the form of our cohort model, 在那里,学生可以与同一群同龄人一起完成他们的课程,并有机会形成有意义和持久的职业和个人关系.

精神上的,个人的和专业的指导也深受澳门官方十大网投平台社区的重视. By mentor, we mean an advocate, guide, 朋友——愿意分享自己的经历和故事来帮助你发现和追求你的使命的人. 这种对导师的承诺不仅鼓励和支持你在澳门官方十大网投平台生活的许多领域, but also prepares you for what comes after graduation, in your career, life, and calling.

有很多机会让你得到同学和同伴的指导. 有组织和专注的专业和精神指导计划, 教室规模小,让教师对学生感兴趣, 一个由致力于培养深厚持久友谊的学生组成的环境,这些只是澳门官方十大网投平台指导工作的一些方式.

A Foundational Faith

澳门官方十大网投平台的基督教基金会是社区生活的一个组成部分, 给你带来无数的机会来加深你的信仰 spiritual mentoring, chapel, Discipleship Groups, service, and more.

你可以通过教堂与校园里的同龄人一起表达你的信仰, 像唐纳德·米勒和里克·沃伦这样的嘉宾演讲过吗.

澳门官方十大网投平台丰富的信仰也通过与他人服务和为他人服务来表达. 你可以通过当地的事工在他们自己的社区为他们服务 Community Classroom and homeless, tutoring, and visiting ministries. You also have the option to serve abroad through Ministries with Mexico programs like Spring Break Build and Border Pilgrimage, and through the LoveWorks short-term mission program自成立以来,该组织已向全球60多个地区派遣了2000多人.

你可以通过校外的男女静修会或门徒小组深入你的信仰, which offer a space to form friendships and share stories, encourage one another, and unite with others in prayer. As previously mentioned, 澳门官方十大网投平台 also offers spiritual mentoring, where you are paired up with another 澳门官方十大网投平台 student, faculty, or staff member, 或者是大学的朋友,作为你的导师,在你的信仰之旅中帮助你.

"I feel deeply called to accompany others on their journeys. As a spiritual director, I’m captivated by the metaphor of a midwife, 神圣的空间存在于帮助他人意识到他们的精神天赋和见证.”

Melanie Wolf, Director of Discipleship Ministries

  • 60 Plus Student Clubs and Organized Activities
  • 超过3000名学生、教职员工和校友为爱而旅行
  • nearly 70% of students live on campus each year
  • over 45 church denominations are represented at 澳门官方十大网投平台

A Place of Exploration and Encouragement

There are a number of clubs, academic societies以及在校园里获得知识、文化和精神丰富的机会. From joining the Associated Student Body (ASB), which provides student-sponsored educational, social, cultural, religious, 为对领导力感兴趣的学生提供服务机会, to the dozens of intramurals and sports clubs 在校园里,让学生与朋友竞争,保持活跃, 有很多方法可以让你成为澳门官方十大网投平台社区的一员,同时仍然追求自己独特的兴趣和激情.

In addition to offering a place of exploration and opportunity, a community should also be a place of encouragement, safety, and home. 澳门官方十大网投平台 offers financial, academic, and career support for undergraduate, graduate, and adult degree completion students to provide a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences; needs; obstacles; and personal, professional, and spiritual goals. This takes the form of spiritual counseling; wellness services; career services; and specialized support for international, adult learner, veteran, and current military students.